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this is the weirdest most beautifulest thing i've ever seen ever

Wow this is so super neat! I can't believe how chill the whole thing is, very laid back and imaginative artwork involved and the animation itself is top-notch. I enjoy the music as well, I'd buy a vinyl if it had cool albumart.

This is honestly the best thing I have ever seen on the internet.

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To all the misinformed, this game wasn't really meant as a game, it was something to make you laugh your ass off, now shush, and laugh


This is a simply fantastic game, words can't describe how good this was, it makes me want more Portal goodness, I'm buying the Orange Box today just because of this game, although the cubes were really really REALLY annoying, first, they should stay still in one place, not jiggle around like Pamela Anderson's boobs, just like how the grav gun in HL2 handles objects, it should be the same for this, but either way, fantastic game, It was REALLY good

Hold the mouse

you can cheat on every level by just holding left click, the graphics are horrible (That doesn't add to the challenge idiot) It's horrible, please practice, and dear god dont animate under the influence

AndrewGlisson11 responds:

why do you people love cheating just because you can? and what do you think would be harder to get through: striaight lines or thick poorly drawn lines? this is mt first mouse maze, and i am trying to do better, but i actually think i did a good job. since when do poor graphics and the ability to cheat completely ruin a good game?

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i love this

I love it, yes

FrozenSheep responds:

oh you



you really should use real instruments, kind of takes me out of the vibe

Scribbler responds:

Send me $1,329,004.21 in single unmarked bills for a complete orchestra and your demand will be met.

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this is fourty million white hot holy fucks pulled like linen from your hands

Hahahahah, I love this! I like the poetic sentiments at the beginning in contrast to the funny grammarlings of your post-apocalyptic heroes. Also I enjoy your art and ideas! Keep it up UNDERNATION!!!


will do friend, thankz!

I just think
you're really beautiful
and so is the stuff that your hands make
because knives and diamonds
and crazy headed spear mouthed
guys wearing rusty-orange sweaters
are super rad.

And so are you.

Rutger responds:

D'awww <3

plant based veggie musik

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